The Sauce

Toad Sauce

Caged in Garlic:

A De Arbol Chile Pepper Garlic Sauce Very good in Chili, Salsas, Enchiladas, Mac n cheese Hot wings. And so many others.


Smoked Tequila:

A Chipotle Tequila lime Pepper sauce Great on Tacos, chicken, skirt steak, eggs and the list goes on


Cool Jamaican:

A flavor filled combination of Mango And specially blended herbs & spicesGreat on a spoon and anything else you want to put in your mouth


Toad Sauce

The Heat

Toad Sauce

Hot Jamaican:

A Mango Habanero Pepper sauce Great on Ribs, chicken, beef, and pork and many more


Grim Creeper:

A Ghost Pepper sauce: This is an " EXTREME " sauce in two categories: Flavor & Heat. A little goes a long way, a little more And I hope you have nothing to do for a while.


Toad Sauce
Grim Creeper was Given a 5 out of 5 rating by Justin Goldman of Diablo Magazine

The Man

My name is Thomas. I am a major "Pepperhead" and a self taught "Foodie" with a passion for flavor! HorneyToads is the result of that passion.


Thomas Van Tuyl

Thomas "Da-cook" Van Tuyl

Coming Soon

I am in the process of developing a line of dry rubs, based on more of my original recipes. So Check back often for updates. If you can't stand the heat, you're in the wrong kitchen!

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